The XRPS protocol is a bridge between real life and the digital world. It will redefine the storage and interaction standards of gateways. Make engaging in the digital world as easy as sending an email.

In the wallet, you can hold and trade assets. And by joining AMMs, you can jointly build a decentralized exchange and get commission income. XRPS will build the DEX with all holders to make Ripple great again.

We have listed the gateways that the wallet supports, which are from the Ripple community. Note: We do not conduct reliability surveys on gateways other than Please do not trust gateways you do not understand.

Currency Operator Transfer fee Deposit Withdraw
USDTxrps.io0.1%Built-in walletEnter the TRC address to the recipient directly. 1 USDT
BTCxrps.io0.1%* Trade only* Trade only
FILxrps.io0.1%* Trade only* Trade only
PEOPLExrps.io0.1%* Trade only* Trade only
PEPExrps.io0.1%* Trade only* Trade only
SHIBxrps.io0.1%* Trade only* Trade only
UNIxrps.io0.1%* Trade only* Trade only
XLMripplefox.com0Built-in walletPlease visit their website. 0.2%
ETHripplefox.com0Please visit their websitePlease visit their website. 0.2%
XAGxagfans.com0.1%Built-in walletPlease visit their website.

* Assets anchored to exchanges are only used for trading and do not support deposits and withdrawals by ordinary users.