A Powerful Token Protocol With XRPS

Simple, Fair and Smart

Make XRP Great Again


We set up rippled nodes to make the network more robust. Millions of requests are processed every day.


The XRC20 protocol makes user operations as simple as sending emails.

Value Internet

XRPS is like digital gold, the value intermediary on Ripple.


XRC-20, is a protocol based on the Ripple network and is part of the Inscription project. Its distinctive feature lies in utilizing Ripple as the data storage layer, facilitating the creation of immutable digital artifacts. The protocol involves inscribing the metadata and transaction data of Inscription onto the Ripple network. Consistency proof of the ledger is ensured through the use of standard indexers.

The XRC-20 protocol is not only an inscription protocol, it is also a bridge between real life and the digital world. XRC-20 will redefine the storage and interaction standards of gateways. Make engaging in the digital world as easy as sending an email.



How to get XRPS


Project information

  • Code: XRPS
  • Issuer: rN1bCPAxHDvyJzvkUso1L2wvXufgE4gXPL
  • Inscription supply: 10,000,000
  • XRPS supply: 10,000,000,000

All XRPS are generated by corresponding inscriptions. And all are circulated on Ripple's DEX. No one has any XRPS reserved.

A total of 10 million inscriptions were minted, corresponding to 10 billion XRPS. All XRPS have been distributed on February 21, 2024, and undistributed XRPS have been burned. The XRP received during the mint phase will be used for market liquidity.

Transparent, open and fair, this is XRPS. You can purchase XRPS directly through Ripple's DEX in our web wallet or xaman APP.

Click the picture and follow the instructions to add the XRPS Trustline. Note: It will require locking 2 XRP in reserve. Without a Trustline, you cannot acquire XRPS tokens on Ripple.


Value internet


Total Value Locked: USD

Using XRPS, we built multi-asset trading AMMs. These markets will become the backbone network of the Value Internet. XRPS is the intermediary of the Value Internet and has become digital gold.

Automated Market Makers (AMMs) are smart contracts that provide liquidity in the XRP Ledger's decentralized exchange. Each AMM holds a pool of two assets and enables users to swap between them at an exchange rate set by a formula.

Joining AMM not only provides market liquidity, but also earns transaction fees.

By using our web wallet, you can easily add assets to the XRPS AMM pools. For example, XRPS/XRP, XRPS/USDT, etc.




Use XRP to mint inscriptions and get XRPS.


Claim XRPS generated by inscription mapping.


Change the ownership of the inscriptions.


Put immutable inscriptions on the open market for trading.


Delist the immutable inscriptions on the open market.


Buy the immutable inscription and be the new owner.


Road to greatness

18 Dec

The XRP Inscription project has kicked off.

20 Dec

The first immutable inscription "XRPS" was minted.

25 Dec

Ripple wallet supporting federation protocol went online.

5 Jan

Inscription Explorer went online.

5 Feb

All inscriptions have been minted and all XRPS have been generated.

21 Feb

Undistributed XRPS have been burned. XRPS begins the road to greatness.

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